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Leadership Through The Lens

The backstory to this project

We have been working with leaders for over thirty years,  some of that time as employees within a corporate environment ​but most of that time as independent consultants running our own leadership  development consultancy.  Our privilege has been to work with many different types of leaders across multiple industry sectors and at a range of different levels.

We love our photography.

We use media and imagery actively when we are working with organisations so we thought why not take the opportunity to combine the two,  tell some stories and do some research by talking to leaders to look for themes,  patterns and life lessons that they would share.

Our view of leadership is that it is a blend of both art and science.  There is a great deal of research on the science side.  Many proven concepts and theories that if applied in the world of work will help you succeed as a leader.  But we believe that there is also an art to leadership. This is much harder to define but of equal importance.  One won't work without the other.  Like yin and yang these two things need to be in balance.

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